National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association


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Fabricator Signup

Metal fabricating shops, blacksmiths, artists or other firms and individuals in the industry whose products or services are sold directly to the consumer or the consumer’s immediate agent.

Supplier Signup

Supplier members are those members that produce or distribute materials, machinery, and accessories for the industry or provide services that may be used by the industry.
  • Nationwide - $595 (operating on a nationwide or international basis)
  • Regional - $465 (operating within a 500-mile radius)
  • Local - $375 (operating within a 150-mile radius)

Affiliate Organization Signup

Firms, organizations and schools that do not engage in the fabrication of ornamental or miscellaneous metal products, do not provide products or services to the industry, but have a special interest in the industry.

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Fayetteville, GA 30214
888-516-8585 • Fax: 888-279-7994

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